Work related stress

Work-related stress may include both positive and negative stress. Eustress is the type of pressure placed on an individual that motivates in a positive way. This inspirational stress is usually short lived, but it stimulates us to be productive; however, the chronic overabundance of these pressures and conditions can result into a negative stress which has adverse effects on an individual as well as the company. Couple drinking wine in a fieldLong hours, heavy workload, job insecurity, and conflicts with co-workers or bosses can great many negative stress results. Long work hours away from family and love ones deprives the individual from the eustress that family may have to counterbalance the negative. This imbalance between home and work responsibilities may lead to depression and anxiety symptoms.

Couple drinking wine in a field

Depression symptoms may be visible as fatigue, sleeping difficulties, cognitive thought or problem solving difficulties, illness, aggression and headaches. These symptoms are also associated with the anxiety as the individual becomes unable to cope with the overwhelming demands of work and home. Chronic distresses tend to have consequences to the individual’s health and work productivity. Depression and anxiety symptoms have been noted to affect relationships both personal and work related. The problem of communication among family members may deteriorate as the symptoms increase. From the work related prospective, the individual suffering from depression and anxiety symptoms, performs in a poor manner which effects cost production methods. In addition, the symptoms even can result in safety issues that can have consequences of lawsuits for the company.