Wines from Australia


The start of the Australian wine is in South Africa, because in 1788 the first vines were taken by Arthur Phillip, the first governor of Australia. The first attempt was stranded because the soil was rich in nutrients and humid climate. Later, at Sydney, they had more success. At the request of the governor Britain expelled some French prisoners to help, but they knew nothing about wine… It later came off the ground in South Australia with pioneers like James Busby, George Wyndham and German immigrants in Barossa Valley.

The British government was happy that more wine was produced. Wine contains less alcohol and had to serve as an alternative. The slightly sweet wines were also mainly for export to England. While the wine taste of the rest of the world changed, Australia remained committed to its tradition. The Australians took their own self-called fine wine. In the seventies shifted production to worldwide still more esteemed dry wines. The Australian Government made an oar in the top varieties to encourage planting.

Although Australia was initially behind in the producing wine it is now provided that other countries ask Australian wine makers for advice. They fly around the world to explain the latest techniques, such as fermentation at lower temperatures and aged in oak barrels. Furthermore, techniques were developed that also allow warmer regions fresh and fruity wines.

Penfolds is the ultimate example of the Australian approach to the taste of the wine first. The company is part of the listed South Corp Wines. About 150 years ago was founded by Englishman Christopher Rawson Penfolds. The many vineyards are now scattered across South Australia and beyond. It has achieved consistent quality every time by selecting the best grapes, whatever region they are grown. The wines have a rich flavor.

Since Australia is known for its fruity blended wine, people from all over the globe will travel to the land down under for the sole purpose of wining and dining at some of the best vineyards. Even residents of Australia will take a weekend trip, stay in a hotel on the Gold Coast for a few nights and enjoy a wine tour.