Why you should go on a cruise

Whether you are planning an incentive trip, executive retreat, global meeting, cruise ship charter, fund raisers at sea, continuing education at sea, conventions, conferences, trade shows, or special interest cruise, cruising on a boat will offer you camaraderie, excitement, multiple travel destinations and a new life experience.

The following are the advantages of cruising on a boat.

  • Better control of budget- since meeting space, meals, use of audio- visual equipment, evening entertainment and recreational activities are included, cruising on a boat leads to a better budget control less expense for the attendees.
  • Reduces company’s risk by protecting its privacy- this is because cruising on a boat especially on a cruise ship charter provides a secure ship environment.
  • Builds lasting relationship and company loyalty- this is because of the unique experience cruising on a ship provides.
  • Convenience and Adventure- on a cruise ship, your group has the chance of visiting different destinations with ease and comfort without unpacking or extra packing. A new port brings the need for discovery, exploration and adventure. The sharing of these new adventures from travelling enhances camaraderie.
  • Changing menus and dining options in different venues- this will make meals at sea very memorable. You will find elegant dining rooms, casual pool-side grills to intimate specialty restaurants with diet specific and healthy options.
  • Service that is superior- everyone in your group will receive personalized and attentive service while cruising on a boat than in resorts because staff to guest ratio in ship is three times most.
  • Multi generational appeal- cruising on a boat will reward and motivate everyone. Teens and kids have their own lounges and activities on ships.
  • Encourages relationship building and greater meeting participation and attendance- this is because on a ship there are very few outside distractions so your group will be very focused on your agenda.
  • Entertainment- lounges and theatres feature state of the art sound, projection systems, light and built in decor that provides great entertainment for your presentations.

There are wrong perceptions about cruising on a boat that it may be insecure and safe. But recent data shows that cruising is one of the safest forms of travel and recreation in the world.

Cruise boats are operated and designed in compliance with strict international law requirements, rules and regulations to protect everyone on board. For example, doctors on board are licensed and trained mostly with at least three years of clinical experience including emergency care and minor surgery. Most cruise boats also have laboratories for blood testing, incentive care units and x-ray suites.

Steps have been taken to prevent passengers that are sick from bringing norovirus on the boat and if there is an outbreak, there are numerous practices to prevent its spread to other passengers and crew.

Most on board boats provides wireless service and internet access that is easy to use. Most ships have Internet cafes that offer access to internet and email. There are also direct connections to different websites for sports, stocks and entertainment updates. You can also use your mobile phone to browse data, receive calls, text messages and voice mail because most cruise lines offers roaming network that is advanced.