Whispering Wall in South Australia

Whispering Wall in South AustraliaLocated in South Australia is the Barossa Reservoir which was built over a course of four years between 1899 and 1903. When construction was completed, the Barossa Reservoir was the highest in Australia with a full 36 metres of height. This induced the journal Scientific American to include an article on the reservoir that attracted worldwide attention.

Today, visitors are drawn to the Barossa Reservoir for something other than the fact it remains a true engineering feat. Also known as the Whispering Wall, the dam has a unique acoustic effect. Words that one whispers at one end can clearly be heard at the other end. Considering the dam spans more than 100 metres, this is something truly remarkable.

While experiencing the astonishing Whispering Wall, take the time to enjoy the panoramic view of the Barossa Reservoir and the surrounding natural life. The area attracts bird watchers and fishermen, as well as those looking for a scenic hike. For a more relaxing visit, one can take along a picnic lunch.