Adelaide accommodation

Thanks to Brad Murray we have this piece: The demand for education has increased over the recent past. This has also led to increased demand of accommodation especially with the international students coming in. With the thousands of students enrolling at international level institution, they often have to move out of their home country for study.

Though you may be lucky to secure your admission for a certain course, it’s not guaranteed that the institution will provide you with housing facility. As an international student, the higher probability will be to get an outside accommodation. Still you may never be assured of a student apartment of your choice in your favourite city since the demand of accommodation in urbanest is usually higher than what can be met.

However, one fact remains; you need to give equal importance to the type of accommodation you need, as you give to the study program you undertake. The same way you worked hard to secure yourself an admission is the same aggressive effort you need to search for a student housing or apartment. If you don’t do so in good time, you may find yourself left with no alternative but stay in areas where there are no facilities, security and miles away from school.

Academic areas in high demand

Though not a must, it’s a good idea to get accommodation not far away from the school. You can also consider Adelaide accommodation from urbanest with a simple reason that the area is well connected and near the institutions. If you are not lucky to get houses in such colony, you should then accept the type of accommodation that come your away, for the time being, and later you mat swap accommodation with your friends or acquaintances.

3 main types of student accommodation

The first type of student accommodation, which most graduates considers is the University Residence Hall. This type of residence is mostly provided for by the university and is mostly meant for the first years. The reason why universities encourage fresh students to reside there is because the need to ensure their safety, before they get to know the new surrounding and neighbor hoods. One of the main advantages of this type of accommodation is that there is no transport to and from the institution. In addition, you never miss any event since they may be happening right at the doorstep.

The downside of University residence halls is that you may be Allocated Rooms where amenities such as Bathroom and Kitchen are shared by thousands. However all this depends on your personal preference; some people wouldn’t mind sharing amenities, while others are very sensitive on such issues.

The second type of accommodation is the private Hall, similar to the Residence Hall but is privately owned. This accommodation has several benefits;

* Communal areas which are cleaned by site staff
* High quality rooms with modern designs
* Maintenance staff staying near the rooms
* Car parks (but not guaranteed)
* Bills included in overall price
* Separate tenancy agreement

Then of course there is renting private property or doing an extended stay at a hotel while you are away from your home in New Zealand. This is the common type of accommodation with Kiwis who choose to go to school in Adelaide. If you are on a budget accommodation in Adelaide is not hard to find, you just need to ask around or do your research online. A great place to start this online research is Expedia. You can easily find a number of hotels while searching  for an affordable place to live. After all, there’s nothing worse than being lost in an entirely unfamiliar place with nowhere to sleep. That is why this is best attended to beforehand, so you can rest easy and spend more time enjoying yourself in Adelaide. Adelaide has plenty useful amenities for outside visitors. It’s also helpful to decide whether or not you’d rather live close to the outskirts of town or in the urban area. Living close to the urban part of town is exciting since you will be next to school, the vibrant nightlife and Rundle Mall. The best part about doing an extended stay is it gives you a chance to live independently for the first time. Nevertheless, if you will be staying with your friends and house mates, you have to be responsible on how the property will remain tidy and clean. If you decide to go the renting option, be prepared to take more responsibilities than the other type of accommodations available.