Urunga, New South Wales

Couple drinking wine in a field

Urunga, New South Wales: The Perfect Place for Stress Recovery

A wonderful way to cope with health problems or the stress of everyday life is to schedule a visit to Urunga, New South Wales. Urunga is a hidden seaside resort town that is known for its tranquility and great fishing ground. Located far away from Sydney and other commercial areas, Urunga’s gorgeous beaches and year-round warm weather provide a welcome recovery for people who are experiencing mental stress or overexertion.

In addition to its excellent beaches, Urunga offers visitors a golf club and a bowling club. A full boardwalk, which was completed in 2007, provides easy access to the beach and provides a great spot for sight seeing. Urunga also has much to offer fishermen and surfers. The Kalang River in Urunga is ripe with bream fish, and there is a number of reefs that delight surfers. For those who would like to relax by reading, The Urunga Library offers a fine selection of books and Aboriginal history exhibits. Finally, Urunga is located within close proximity to Raleigh Vineyard and Winery, which is well known for its Brandy Creme Liqueur and unique red and white wines. Visitors can actually relax and watch the dolphins in the Bellinger River as they sample wine and cheese from the winery deck!