Unique Gifts for Energy Healing

Any gift giving occasion is an excellent opportunity for giving someone a gift that generates healing energy. Almost everyone feels some type of stress from time to time and many people do through each day with major or minor physical ailments.
New age gifts offer them an opportunity to experience various levels and types of healing.

Just a stroll through a new age store, whether it be an online shopping site or a specialty store in your area, will give you many gift ideas and also encourage you to do some shopping for yourself that will provide you with stress relief and healing energy.

Books are a popular gift item and there are many to choose from that relate to meditation and healing. Sound is one aspect of healing energy so gifts such as singing bowls, flute or drum music, and bells are excellent sound related gifts. Chimes are a wonderful gift that promote healing and brings a sense of peace into one’s home.

Magnetic and crystal jewelry is a popular healing energy gift. A book describing the healing powers of various gems along with a collection of those gems would be a great gift for someone who is new to the concept of healing energy.

Water is healing and soothing. Indoor or outdoor fountains offer a soothing stress relieving sound that is an ideal accompaniment to meditation.

A five element candle collection is a gift for someone’s home or meditation area. A guide for Feng Shui placement areas for the candles would be quite helpful.

Perhaps one of the most beneficial healing energy gifts you can give someone is a personal size labyrinth. These can be found in the form of jewelry, stones, or finger labyrinths that a person can keep easily accessible for times when they need to quiet their mind.