Travel by Air
If you want to fly you have only one airline option, Rex – but you can rest assured you’ll be travelling with one of the world’s best regional airlines.
You can get flights from Adelaide from under $200, for a trip that will range from just over an hour to 2 and a half hours. From Sydney, you can fly from under $400 (under $300 if you book far enough in advance), and the flight will be less than 3 and a half hours. Melbourne doesn’t have a direct flight – you can fly from under $350 however the flight is via Mildura and the stopover can be up to 9 hours. You may find this a useful chance to slow down on the way!
To fly from Brisbane, Canberra or Perth, it’s best to fly to Sydney or Adelaide then get the Rex flight to Broken Hill.


Rex flight to Broken Hill

Rex Airlines

”Rex believes its customers view its services not merely as a seat on a plane but as a saving on precious time. Rex considers many passengers fly because they want to save the time they would have to otherwise spend driving or taking the train.” (

flight connection from broken hill to brisbane

Travel by Road
While flying is of course the fastest travel option to Broken Hill, the classic road trip experience is one you can only get on a good long drive. Travelling by car is a great cost-effective option which allows you to journey at your own pace and see plenty of sights on the way.
From Brisbane, it’s 16-21 hours driving time along either the Newell Highway or the New England Highway, making it a 1-3 day trip depending on your driving stamina. Dubbo, Parkes and Mildura are great places to stay the night, each with a number of accommodation options.
From Sydney, you can head north via Newcastle or west via Katoomba – either way it’s a 13-14 hour drive. An overnight stay at Dubbo leaves an 8 hour drive on the second day.
It’s about a 10 hour drive from Melbourne, with Mildura providing a great place to break the trip with an overnight stay.
Adelaide offers a 6 hour drive which is quite achievable in a day, but of course you can still take it slow and stay overnight on the way.
How long you choose to take and how many stops you want to make is entirely up to you. Whichever way you travel, remember to stop or swap drivers every 2-3 hours, and use each stop as a great excuse to visit and eat a meal at one of the small towns along the way!

travel by road to Outback Australia

Travel by Rail
Do you want to travel to Broken Hill by land to enjoy the incredible outback scenery but don’t want the hassle or stress of driving? Rail travel is a fantastic option from Sydney or Adelaide, but you need to plan ahead as each route only travels 1-2 times a week.
NSW TrainLink’s ‘Outback Explorer’ is available from Sydney each Monday, travelling direct to Broken Hill for same-day arrival. They also have a daily train to Dubbo where you can transfer to a coach for the second leg of the trip.
The Indian-Pacific departs Sydney every Wednesday afternoon for an overnight trip arriving in Broken Hill on Thursday morning. The return trip departs the outback town on Tuesday afternoon and arrives in Sydney on Wednesday morning.

Indian Pacific train at Sydney Central
During Spring (September to November), there is also a second train from Sydney on Saturday afternoon, arriving Sunday morning. A return option departs Broken Hill on Friday afternoons, arriving in Sydney on Saturday morning.
From Adelaide, the Indian-Pacific travels to Broken Hill each Tuesday for same-day arrival. The return trip is approximately the same time on Thursdays.
During the Spring months, there is a second train from Adelaide on Fridays, with the return option on Sundays.
While Broken Hill has a taxi service available, the train station is within walking distance to a number of accommodation options, so most travelers don’t require any further transport once you’ve arrived.

Broken Hill Train Station

Broken Hill Railway Station entrance from Crystal Street

two locomotives

Broken Hill Railway Station entrance from Crystal Street

Broken Hill Railway Station entrance from Crystal Street

Broken Hill Railway Station entrance from Crystal Street

Broken Hill Train Station

Broken Hill Train Station 2015.

Additional information:
STATION BUILDING (1957) The new Broken Hill station building presents as a modern building, incorporating stylistic elements of the Interwar Functionalist and postwar International styles. The face brick building presents as a long horizontal two-storey building to the street front, and a single storey building to the platform. The street front entrance to the station is defined by a large set of steps and a sweeping curved awning supported on slender steel columns. The skillion roof has a low pitch and extends to form the platform awning. Fenestration comprises large horizontally proportioned aluminium framed windows. The building is surmounted by a horizontal clock tower featuring four steel finials. There are also two large murals painted on the lower storey of the street façade depicting two locomotives. Info Surce: (photos by Oksana)

You may find this information useful if travel by train from ot to Adelaide:

Great Southern Rail
Adelaide Parklands Terminal (also known as Keswick Terminal)
Richmond Rd, Keswick SA, 5035

Terminal access also available from Sir Donald Bradman Drive
Distance from City 3km / $15-$25 by taxi approx


You may find this information useful if travel by train from ot to Sydney:

Sydney Central Railway Station
Eddy Avenue
Sydney NSW 2000

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