Top Ten Items You Must Have When You Travel

1.Your Passport

Even if you do not plan on traveling outside the country, you should still have your passport. Some hotels require you to leave an id at front desk. If you have your passport, you can leave that, and still keep your state-issued id in your pocket.


You might be planning on staying in only luxury hotels but no matter where you stay, earplugs come in handy. If you pack a pair of earplugs, you can have a good night’s sleep no matter what happens.

3. A Decent Digital Camera

Bring a decent camera that you  know how to use. Remember to take pictures of the people with whom you travel, and not just monuments.

4. A Journal

If you go on a long trip, you will grow as a person. Keeping a journal can help you track your personal growth. Reading your journal entries later will also help you remember your trip better.

5. A Watch

If you leave your cell phone at home and use phone cards, remember to bring a watch.

6. Books

Even the most exciting journey to the most exotic location can have monotonous moments. Bring a paperback to help ease occasional boredom.

7. A Money Belt

Sight-see without worry by keeping your credit cards and cash out of the reach of pickpockets.

8. Copies of Important Information

Bring photo copies of your passport, plane tickets, and itinerary. Store them in your money belt.

9. Basic Medical Supplies

If you cut your finger, you do not want to wander a strange city trying to find a bandage. Keep basic first aid supplies in your luggage.

10. Local Currency

Keep a few cash bills on hand for tips, snacks, and other miscellaneous items. Credit cards are accepted most places but not all.

11. Tickets

Travel by a train and experience the country you are in at the best possible way. Trains are not expensive but the comfot is really good. For example: Vietnam Train Tickets has good comfort and affordable prices.