Things to consider when buying a dog

dog breeders

Many regard them as wonderful companions, trustworthy guards, loyal friends, and some are even regarded a part of the family. When it comes to acquiring a dog, there are many factors to consider.

A good reputable breeder is the best source to obtain purebred dogs. These professionals invest a great deal of time, effort, money and patience in perfecting quality specimens of a specific breed. Puppies bought from a breeders usually come with a health guarantee, vet certificate, have had their immunizations, were de-wormed and dewclaws, and had their tails done. Good breeders may not always have a pup available, but may have waiting lists for when a new litter is born.

When looking for advice on dog- buying, dog breeders, dog owners, veterinarians, and dog clubs are an excellent source of information. Pet stores are convenient, but the quality of their animals may raise some questions. Your chances of getting an impure dog, with untraceable hereditary or social problems are higher. That may also be the case if you buy a dog from an animal shelter. Their commitment to the prevention of cruelty, abuse and neglect of animals, and their efforts to rescue as many animals as they can is very honorable, but come with no guarantees.

People answering a vague ad in the paper may also find that this is not the best way to find a family pet, obviously, for the same reasons. Despite all the bad press, puppy mills are still steadily running their operations, often selling their dogs through newspaper and website ads. For those who are unfamiliar with the term ‘puppy mills’ or ‘back yard breeders’, these are facilities that mass produce puppies and often operate under substandard breeding and living conditions.

Time is of the essence when it comes to the care of your new friend. If you have plenty of spare time and patience, you may enjoy house training a pup, if not, you may opt for an older dog that is already house-broken. Once you have that issue squared away you may want to think about the gender and size. Are you interested in a male or female dog? Are you thinking of breeding your pet? If not, you may want to consider neutering it. Do you have a yard and is it big enough to give your four-footed companion a good run? What about hair-type? Yorkshire Terriers have long hair, which needs a lot of grooming. Can you commit to its care?

The breed of your dog has to suit your needs. If you are looking for protection, do not buy an apartment dweller like a Chihuahua, but pick a Doberman or Belgian Shepherd to guard your property. Will the dog get along with your children, or vice versa? As you can see, there are lots of aspects to consider when buying a dog. You are not dealing with a toy, but with a living being, one you will be responsible for. Consider your choice wisely and don’t give up as soon as the dog misbehaves. Never forget that they are in many ways like us. They have their own personalities and they too, need time to grow up.

Dog Bite
A dog owner is liable for every bite his or her dog inflicts on another person. The old law was that an owner was not liable unless the dog had already shown it was likely to hurt someone. However, the law has changed. Most states including California hold owners liable for any harm their dog causes to another person.