The Growing Business Ecosystem of the Pokémon Go Game

Pokémon Go Game

The latest Pokémon game is an incredible global phenomenon. Aside from being the first planetary hit mobile device app that uses the augmented reality approach, the Pokémon Go game managed to create a ripple effect which caught hundreds of millions in its wake. Currently, the game has already earned about $250 million from in-app purchases during the course of several weeks. It is estimated that the game will generate $1 billion in the near future. These results paint a picture of a gaming product that is achieving results that no one could have imagined. This comes along with the fact that one of five players of the game spends money in it, which is a conversion rate of 20%, or about 15-20 times better than its competitors from the domain of the free-to-play (F2P) games.

But, at the same time, the game managed to create an incredible opportunity for other businesses, many of which are not even in the gaming industry. This is the result of the direct fact that the players of the Pokémon game have to go to physical locations to catch digital creatures, train them and finally use them to fight others. Having in mind that the numbers of players are growing exponentially, with currently over 11 million of them in the US and the UK alone, many businesses like cafes, restaurants, and bars started welcoming Pokémon players. Others who are not strictly in the hospitality industry started doing the same so now, more and more places are actively calling on players to come and visit their premises. In those cases in which these establishments are near a spot where rare creatures can be found, any destination can become exceedingly popular and frequented daily by a large number of players.

Using this approach, many businesses saw their profits skyrocket as the players of the Pokémon game turned out in droves to their establishments. Others all over the world are taking a page out of this book, including municipalities and entire cities which are turning some parts of their territory into Pokémon-friendly spaces. The benefits of this are visible almost immediately when the players begin to arrive and spend time and money in these areas. As the game continues to bring in more and more people, those who find ways to channel them will be able to reap the biggest rewards. Currently, it seems that many are jumping onto the Pokémon Go train and that the same process definitely improves their overall business performances.

Pokémon Go Game

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