Striking Cowhide Rugs

There’s Nothing Like the Real Thing

The natural warmth of genuine fur is like being cozy near the roaring flames of a fireplace. Whether it’s a strip of genuine shearling draped over the shoulder or a cashmere poncho trimmed with real fox fur the trend is ripping and giving “bling” a whole new meaning.

Year round comfort and style comes from the accessory of real fur. With the versatility of a fur such as rabbit, fox, mink or raccoon you can bring style to your life with the elegance of real fur.
Real fur gilets offer warmth but are not overly stuffy. The fashion builds on luxurious textures of cashmere or wool. It’s easy to keep warm on the coldest of days with a real rabbit fur vest and matching bobble hat with a genuine fur tassel ball. Enjoy the soft, luxurious and glamorous touch of genuine furs in rain or shine. A natural pelt will keep you warm and dry.

With the durability and everlasting appeal, these garments can be handed down from generation to generation. Such an heirloom will provide the warmth of your love for years to come. Genuine fur accessories come in all shapes, sizes and colors for the natural look of the outdoors. From full stroller coats to wraps of nothing-but-perfect around your neck, the texture of real fur is alluring and seductive. It’s easy to wear and it’s back! Fashion has stepped up with fun-filled fur. Special occasions call for fun and fur brings that special-celebration feeling.

Wear your fur as an incredibly warm symbol of prosperity and stature or downplay your genuine fur in an accessory; either way, the comfort is real. Surround your body in a subtly splendid splash of sophistication during the chill of winter. Genuine fur is a practical finishing touch for your wardrobe.

Don’t dread the winter doldrums. Bring it to life wrapped in an everyday layered look with a simple cashmere cape trimmed in genuine fur. Warm up dull winter days every time you step out. Make genuine fur your signature style as you get ready for the slopes or a day at the office.

There are no limits to sprucing up every occasion as you top off all your outfits whether in jeans, sportswear or an evening gown. Real fur coats are always in style. Enhance your wardrobe with a collection of genuine fur from head to toe.

For those who love the feel of genuine fur it’s more than a fashion statement; it is an investment. Genuine fur is durable and timeless. There is no need to bundle up on a bitter cold day. Instead, throw on a genuine fur coat, jacket or vest and turn up the heat on glamour. There’s nothing like the real thing.