Shipping Containers

Shipping ContainersMost people think of shipping containers as something that only big, international companies need. But containerized shipping greatly reduces transport and shipping costs, and is increasingly becoming popular even among small companies. Renting or purchasing a shipping container is quick, easy and efficient, and allows even modest businesses to take advantage of the bulk and utility they provide.

The biggest advantage of the shipping container is that so many different things are designed to fit it. For example, if your company makes deliveries once a month but has limited storage space, putting a shipping container in the parking lot or hooking it up to your delivery dock will be a lot cheaper than keeping a truck on hand, yet any trucking company in Australia will have trailers and accommodations which allow them to haul off a shipping container. Such containers can also quickly be sent internationally by ship or even plane if they need to be, enabling you to shift from domestic to international shipping just by placing phone calls and making sure the container gets to the right place and on the right vehicle.

Shipping containers can also be modified or converted for other uses. Due to their waterproof interior and sturdy construction, many have been converted into temporary housing or mobile offices, especially by construction companies which can easily move them around. Their large size also makes them excellent for conversion into a hazardous works area, since their sturdy sides will ensure that any stray welding sparks, explosions from pressurized containers and chemical spills remain contained. Such containers can also be disposed of in the event of a chemical spill, while holding the chemicals inside of them so that they do not pollute the surrounding area. As such, shipping containers are rapidly becoming the modifyable container of choice for Australian industries.