Shades & Sails

Is your outdoor deck or patio unbearable in the summertime? Does your house warm up inside during the summer and become a heat box? Then you might consider installing a shade or sail on the sunny side of your home or over your deck or patio. They provide instant shade, and can cool an area as much as 20 degrees, and they aren't nearly as expensive to install as a patio roof or pergola. Easy to Install These shades and sails are easy to install, too. Usually they attach to your structure with cable and eye hooks, and are held up by cables or rope. That means you can quickly take them down if you need to, and just as quickly put them back up when you want to enjoy your outdoor space. If you want to install them away from your home, you can use posts to attach the shade or sails, so they really are a versatile way to bring shade to just about anywhere you choose.

Save on Cooling Costs

If you have a house that gets a lot of afternoon sun, shades are a great way to cool down the interior, too. If you install them from your roof out to several feet from your home, they’ll shade the area in the afternoon, and keep the interior cooler. That can mean significant savings on cooling, and you can remove them in the winter to take advantage of the sun’s warming rays.


Your shades are easy to maintain, too. They can be made from canvas or PVC, and both have their advantages. PVC is strong and waterproof, while canvas is strong and supple. Canvas can be washed, too, and both fold easily for winter storage. They both come in a variety of colors that you can match to the colors of your home or garden. PVC also repels UV rays, so if that’s a concern, you probably want to choose a PVC shade or sail for your home. If they get dirty, you can simply hose them down with a garden hose, and if they happen to tear, you can repair both canvas and PVC easily. Canvas will break down over time, and PVC will become brittle over time, so expect to replace your shades and sails every few years, but with good maintenance, they will last for several seasons. Be sure to clean your shades and sails thoroughly before you store them for the season.

Shades and sails are cost-effective, attractive, money saving, and a great way to increase the living space of your home. Install a shade this season, and you may be surprised at just how comfortable your outdoor living space can be!

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