SeaWorld Cruise Adventure

Australia’s Gold Coast is a magical mix of white, sandy beaches and beautiful blue waterways. An abundance of plant and animal life thrive in this rich marine environment, which sets the scene for day and evening excursions with SeaWorld Cruises.

The SeaWorld Cruise Terminal is located in the carpark outside of SeaWorld Gold Coast Australia, a one hour drive from Brisbane, Queensland.

Great fun for people of all ages

Imagine spending a beautiful spring day cruising through the calm waters of the Australian Gold Coast with not a care in the world. You’ll ride in luxurious comfort aboard a modern and environmentally friendly vessel that offers three separate levels for viewing some of the most amazing scenery anywhere in Australia.

You’ll move amongst the scattered islands that dot the Gold Coast and have the opportunity to see some beautiful homes. You may get lucky and see a school of playful dolphins and you’ll probably see some spectacular migratory birds flying low over the waters looking for lunch.

Speaking of lunch, your cruise ship will stop at various ports of call where you can enjoy some fantastically prepared cuisine and a selection of delicious wines. You’ll have a chance to explore the area or maybe do a little shopping in some of the boutique shops and local stores. As the day starts to come to an end, you’ll experience some of the most incredible sunsets that reflect on the calm, still waters.

A day cruise around the Gold Coast of Australia is great fun for people of all ages. Give it a try once and you’ll want to come back year after year for what is truly a very relaxing and pleasant holiday experience.

Cruising along the Gold Coast of Australia is wonderful, but there are so many other places to see and explore around Australia and also around the rest of the world. World cruising is perhaps the most preferred type of holiday experience for those who have travelled extensivel. For the really adventurous, an Antarctic cruise offers a chance to get as close to a completely undisturbed part of the world as possible. You’ll see a land that only a very small amount of humans have ever seen and perhaps have an up close encounter with a penguin.

While many people might think it is very expensive to take a cruise, the fact is, cruising is a relatively economic way to take a holiday. When you cruise on a small or large ship, everything is included. Your transportation, hotel room, food and entertainment are all part of the package. While cruise ships might stop at different island ports where you can explore the local area, you can also have a great time without ever stepping foot off the ship.

If you want an all inclusive, relaxing holiday, it is hard to beat the experience of a cruise about a luxury ship.  You will have an adventure that yo will remember for a lifetime.