Save money on clothes

In today’s troubled economy, savvy shoppers are looking for any opportunity to stretch their dollar. Here are four ways to save money on clothes:

1.) Buy at the end of the season. Most clothes go on sale at the end of the season, in order to make room for new stock. By buying your sweaters in the Spring and your swim suits in the Fall, you’ll have access to the best sales.

2.) Shop at discount stores. Rather than buying at the high-end retailers, shop for similar items at a bargain store like Ross, Target, or Kohl’s. Often you can buy the same brand names for less, or a store brand that’s identical to the premium retailer’s.

3.) Try used clothing. Visit local thrift stores, consignment shops, or yard sales. Tip: thrift stores and yard sales in affluent neighborhoods tend to have the best items.

4.) Take advantage of sales. A loss leader is where a store intentionally prices some items at a loss, hoping you’ll be lured into buying full-price items as well. They’re very popular during back-to-school sales or around the holidays. If you only buy the on-sale items, you can save a lot of money.