Recycling in Our Home

Plastic-bottle-recyclingWe are living in a day and age when it is time that we all pull together and become more aware of our own personal footprints on this earth. When it comes down to it, it is the consumer’s decisions and own personal life style that drives the demands of manufacturing and global warming on our planet. As consumers, we have tremendous power and an effect in our world. From the food that we consume, vehicles we drive, methods of waste, how wasteful we are, and the products we buy. As one person looking around in our modern material culture, we seem small. Nevertheless, just one consumer, or one person, can really make a huge difference.

The home is the one place we make the most decisions and impact. If we want to make a difference, it is the first place we start. Recycling is the easiest thing we can do. Just keep two containers in the kitchen. One for the trash and one for the recyclable items. Anything recyclable would be plastics, papers, cans and jars. Have a separate container for the cans and jars, and another one for the papers. This can be done inconspicuously inside the garage, or with a separate canister for recyclables right along next to the normal trash bin. As long as jars and cans are rinsed, they will stay relatively clean and can be stored away until the container is full and you are ready to throw it away. Other important household items that can be recycled include batteries, old phones electronics and ink cartridges. Many major retailers offer and encourage stations to throw these items away so that they can be recycled and redistributed. Initially there was no way to dispose of electronics and cartridges except through the landfill. These items need to be disposed of properly to avoid contaminating soils and air quality. Each item that is recycled keeps the earth cleaner offsetting the necessity to use valuable resources to completely manufacture a brand new replacement, which is a double win, and triple for when we consider how it makes us feel good to save the earth by recycling.