Recycle Waste Material

Recycling should be a major part of every individuals and every company’s standard practice. Without the action of recycling there will not be enough natural resources left on this planet. Recycling waste material is a great opportunity to reuse waste to create new things. Waste can be turned into useable products.

Reusing Everyday Objects

Paper can be reused for decoration, wrapping, packing materials and for crafts. Plastic can be used for crafts, feeders, door stops and lamp stands. Plastic has also been recycled and turned into utensils, and ornaments. Rubber has been reused to make shoes, bags and sandals. Old clothing can be resold or donated as well as cut apart and remade into something else. Used leather can be used for lampshades and bags. Steel pieces and scraps can be used for art and jewelry.

A few ways to use toys like a plastic Frisbee can be used as a bird feeder. Old Popsicle sticks can be used for crafts and art projects. Some old milk cartons and plastic containers can be used for storage of small items like beads and small pins and buttons. Foil can be reused for insulation around the home, or as a light reflector. Things like wire hangers can be used for wreathes, holiday decorations, plant hangers and marshmallow holders. Lastly food can be used as a mixture base for compost.


Everything can be used for something else, recycling is a necessity and all things like, plastic, paper, steel, aluminum and even batteries can be made to have new life which can be used for crafts, storage and wearable products.