Top Family-Friendly Queensland Destinations

Queensland is famous around the world as one of the top tourist destinations. Beautiful beaches with white sands and various natural attractions make Queensland a must-visit destination. Thousands of tourists visit Queensland every week to enjoy their leisure time away from fast-paced routine lifestyles. Let us try to understand more about some of the best family-friendly destinations in Queensland.

Hamilton Island

Hamilton Island is a kids’ heaven. This island is located at the edge of Great Barrier Reef. Special programs for kids to stay and enjoy their time are available in Hamilton Island. Wire flyer, mini golf, and go carting are a joyful experience for kids of all ages. Another great advantage of visiting Hamilton Island is kids under the age of 14 are allowed to share rooms free with their parents. Kids can also dine free with parents in many restaurants.

The Clownfish Club is a specialised childcare centre which has lots of fun-filled activities for children up to the age of 14 years. Fun activities include arts, pool games, snorkelling, and beach combing. Beach combing, in particular, is a very interesting activity for children. It is a delightful experience for every kid. Hamilton Island is like a paradise home where you can either spend time doing nothing or involve yourself in fun-filled activities, you will enjoy doing both here.

Gold Coast

Millions of visitors visit Gold Coast every year to experience its natural beauty. Kids enjoy making different objects in sandy beaches. Theme parks are a main attraction of Gold Coast. Four of the best theme parks are available in the vicinity of Gold Coast. Kids’ destinations like Sea World, White Water World, Dreamworld, and Movie World are the centre of attraction for kids here. There are play areas in Dreamworld for kids to enjoy their time to the fullest. Children love to play in the low waters of White Water World.

Mission Beach

Located between the Great Barrier Reef National Park and wet tropical rain forests  mission beach is a perfect place for spending quality time with family. Golden sandy beaches combined with turquoise waters give an awe-inspiring feeling to the senses. Mission Beach is surrounded by four villages. Family restaurants and boutiques combined with the beauty of beach towns provide a unique experience for the tourists. Mission Beach is also famous for family holiday tours. Activities like backpacking, bird-watching, and camping are available for tourists who love adventure. With a couple of small islands in the vicinity, Mission Beach is a perfect family tour destination. The Dunk Island is the most popular tourist attraction in Mission Beach. Kids enjoy running around and playing on these beaches.


Cairns is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Australia. It is the main entrance to the Great Barrier Reef. Surrounded by saltwater lagoon and beautiful promenade and amazing waterfront views, Cairns is a must-visit destination for tourists of all ages. The center of all attractions is the Cairns Esplanade. This esplanade is a brilliant combination of man-made structures and natural beauty which synergistically enhances the beauty of Queensland.

Moreton Island

This is a sandy island. It is a perfect place to watch sea creatures in their natural habitat. It is not hard to spot sea turtles, dolphins, dugongs, and whales. If you desire to take a 360 degree view of this island, Mt. Tempest is the perfect place. Kids enjoy swimming in lagoons and bush-walking.

Sunshine Coast

This region is famous for its crystal clear waters and smooth sandy beaches. Kings Beach is a kids’ friendly beach where kids can enjoy surfing. These waters are also home for the giant water mammals like the humpback whales. It is common to see humpback whales surface to breathe air and its sight gives a majestic feeling to senses.

Queensland is a place where tourists can experience different parts of the world at one destination. It combines brilliant man-made attractions with heaven-like natural wonders. Every tourist location mentioned above has excellent accommodation deals for all kinds of budgets. There are dozens of restaurants at every location which serve delicious food. Regular direct flights are available to most of the destinations mentioned above. However, a car can be used to travel to destinations where flights are not available. We hope you enjoy your vacation in Queensland and have a delightful experience with your family.