Protecting the Environment

Why Protecting the Environment is so Important

Just being able to walk about and enjoy a beautifully landscaped backyard is a privilege that is so often unappreciated. The nature that surrounds us brings so much to our lives. Just a small bird at a feeder is amazing. He can bring a smile on a dark day. A house plant brings the natural indoors for beauty’s sake, but silently that plant improves the air in the room. Our environment is where we live, our homes, our yards, our community. The environment extends to include the country, continent and world in which we reside.

How long would a person survive without air to breathe? Yet so often we do not take into account that air pollution causes breathing issues. Lung cancer is not the only dreaded consequence of poor air quality. Many allergies and illnesses have been caused or worsened by polluted air.

Next to air we need water. The need for clean, pure water is obvious. There are many measures already in place in the more developed countries to be sure of clean water. Hundreds of diseases have their root in dirty water or lack of water. It is true that not all water is safe for consumption, but even a nearby stagnant pond can pollute the air if not cared for, and can be a hazard to animals who try to drink there. Animal disease then can be a threat to humans over time.

Just the loss of natural beauty because of abuse and misuse, affects us not only physically, but emotionally as well. Depression can set in more easily in poorly kept, dirty surroundings. We must realize the lack of health in trees, green grass, and wildlife lowers the quality of our lives more than we realize, and improving the environment makes life better for all.