Preparing for severe weather

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Get ready for the worst conditions

Severe weather generally means potentially dangerous weather that can cause harm to human life and property. While there are a lot of
forms of severe weather like a heat wave or a cold wave or a hurricane or even a thunderstorm, all these have the same impact on
human life, which is adversity. So it is obvious that people who want to escape the wrath of the fury of nature need to take certain
steps that act as precautions against this. While a lot of people still remain ignorant, there are many who know how much preparing
for severe weather can help.

The most feared and dreaded form of severe weather is the thunderstorm. And it is to this that people generally take precautions as
irrespective of the terrain a person lives in, thunderstorms can be common. These storms might seem sublime at the beginning but
eventually when the cloud build up takes place, the characteristic pattern of a thunder storm becomes clear. These can wreak havoc
especially when it comes to property. And human lives are no exception in this case, if proper care is not taken. While
infrastructure can always be redeveloped or rebuilt it is impossible to account for the loss of a human life.

In order to minimize the damage on property as well as lives it is best to take certain precautions. These steps can be taken at any
point of time. But it will be executed best if implemented at the earliest. Care can be taken especially if you are building your own
property (like a house for example) , by taking the best preventive measures against severe weather. When it comes to thunderstorms
the following measures can be taken:

1. While trees are very important resources for man, they can also be fatal when it comes to storms. Trees with very large and wide
branches must be properly groomed. Or else these can cause heavy property damage especially if located right outside the house. Also
human life loss can be taken care of if these trees are reduced to a minimum height.

2. The basement of properties can play a very important role when it comes to standing against thunder storms. If the basement of the
house is strong then it would be best to stay indoors. This way when your house stands up against the storm you will be safe inside

3. The best way to ensure your protection in a thunderstorm is to have a hollow basement. Hollow basement s can give space for a room
which can be used at testing times like these. This way you will have double protection of your house around you and also the earth
above you. This is the safest method for protection against a thunder storm.
Care needs to be taken when given a storm warning. It is best if you tape down all loose objects around your house. Especially sharp
objects like knives can be fatal if displaced by a storm.

Even though thunderstorms are fatal it can easily be overcome with minimum damage if proper steps are taken in preparing for severe