Popular equipment for a good workout

Kettle bells are round weights with attached hand grips on top. This exercise equipment generally ranges in weight from 4-175 pounds. The exercises these bells are used for are three main types: cardiovascular, strength, and flexibility training. The types of exercises performed with this fitness equipment are more commonly referred to as ballistic exercises. Similar to dumbbells, kettle bells are different in many ways too.

Being round in size, they are able to be swung easily. This allows other parts of the body to be worked in a way that a dumbbell would not be able to accomplish. Those with back or shoulder problems should not use kettle bells.

Having gained popularity in the last several years, a gym bar is a popular piece of fitness equipment for home use. Because it attaches easily to any door frame, this piece allows for pull ups, chin ups and many other exercises easy for home use in limited space. It is fairly inexpensive in price, making it affordable to many people. The gym bars are sold at many retailers, not just sports stores. Many department stores or big box retailers also carry this popular piece of equipment.

Coming in a wide variety of sizes and weights, the weight plates are most commonly used at a gym as opposed to home use. Ranging in size from 5-100 or more pounds, these pieces are added to a metal bar to make the perfect weight for lifting. Because they are easily removed and replaced, these weights can be used for many different individuals. Although they are sold for home use, they are not as popular as some other fitness equipment for this purpose. They are generally round and made of metal. The hole in the middle of the plate allows it to be slid easily onto the bar. Racks are sold for easy storage of these plates as they are sold by the set.