Personalized Baby Books

Few things in this life are more precious than the births of our children. We plan, anticipate and dream of great lives that are beginning. We look forward to choosing their names, their nursery colors and some of us even look forward to choosing their colleges and spouses; not that we likely will have any say, of course, but becoming a parent renews our faith in all that’s good in this life.

Personalized Childrens Books are an incredibly intimate way to memorialize her first step, her first words and the thoughts we, as parents, have each day regarding her growth and development. It’s an incredibly personal book that we want to ensure is as complete as we wish her life to be. Many parents love the thought of seeing that carefully chosen name beautifully engraved or embroidered into the cover, and often, along with her first picture. Each page is carefully filled in with as many references to her name and other unique notations that make it exquisitely her story.

Remember the first time she spoke her older brother’s name and instead of hearing Jacob, you heard her say, “Tate”? You knew a nickname had just been born and from then on, your son became Tate. Those are the magical times we want to ensure are never forgotten. We want the details, down to the sweet dress she was wearing as she stumbled over big brother’s name, to be forever remembered. This is why it’s so important to personalize her baby book. It becomes her story; her own sweet and innocent story.

There are a number of available personalized baby books that are sure to tug on your heart and whisper, “This is it. This is the one”. Each is available to further personalize with your baby’s name and date of birth. They make great gifts for expectant parents or as a way for an expectant mom to announce the news of the impending new arrival to her husband.