Perfect Wedding Favours

Wedding favours are small gifts that are given to individuals at the wedding from the bride and the groom. A favour is a little keepsake for the guests to take home. This either is usually some type of food or candy or something that is functional such as home made soap or a custom made cd.

Typically in the past, almonds were the gift of choice. Now the gifts are unique and diverse as can be and show off the personality of the bride and groom. To save costs, these wedding favours often can be made instead of buying for a high price. A wedding favour that is made instead of being purchased also personalizes the gift even more.

Almonds or small pieces of candy are still popular wedding favours. They can be placed in different objects such as shot glasses, champagne glasses, personalized tin boxes or even a small paper box. Homemade tea bags or hot chocolate mixes are also popular. Always a favorite is a homemade cookie wrapped in plastic and tied off with a small ribbon that coordinates with your wedding theme.

Small picture frames, votive candles wrapped in ribbon, homemade soaps or even golf tees can be functional gifts as a wedding favour. Homemade potpourri can be made and placed in organza pouches.

In the summer months, a customized paper fan would make an excellent gift. Organic flower and vegetable seeds seem to be a growing trend as well.

Regardless of what wedding favour you decide for the big day, the guests will be happy with whatever you choose.