Outdoor Space

Relaxation Garden

Designing an outdoor space can be an overwhelming process at first. You may have a blank slate to work with and you can’t visualize what should go where, or you may have a lot of tree removal or digging to do before you get started.

Whatever you do, it is a good idea to do a sketch of your backyard with the dimensions before you start any work. See how it looks on paper. If you don’t like the drawing, you’re definitely not going to like the finished product. It’s a lot easier to erase pencil marks than having to rip out your completed landscape design and start all over again.

One of the most exceptional landscape design elements is a pergola. It can turn your forest of plants and trees into a usable outdoor living space. Underneath a pergola you can place a bench upon which to relax and enjoy the serenity, or a table and chairs for picnics in the backyard. Plant some vines next to the walls of the pergola, and over time, those vines will grow and wrap around the sides of your pergola, surrounding you with more shade and nature.

If you want to build one yourself, you can purchase DIY pergola kits. DIY pergola kits supply you with the plans and the items needed to build it all by yourself. Then you can boast about all the hard work you did to make your backyard just as beautiful as it has become.

It is important to have a cohesive design in your landscape, one that makes sense for the layout of the property and goes well with the house design. Make sure you have some sort of structure upon which your eyes can rest, and have plenty of seating for you and your guests.