Outdoor Living Space

Teak garden furniture has long been considered the gold standard for outdoor furniture. Its density and natural weather resistant properties make it ideal for this purpose. It is also a very hard wood, so it holds up well under years of use. Benches and chairs of teak set in a secluded garden area lend an aura of mystique to a suburban yard. A pocket-sized urban garden takes on an air of Oriental sophistication when furnished with clean-lined teak furniture, set behind wrought iron gates.

Although teak furniture comes in many styles, they are generally not ornate designs with a lot of fussy details. The beauty of simplicity is the key. Benches may have a straight or curved back; chairs come in comfortable, curved shapes, and often have slatted backs. Chippendale-style teak furniture is also available, and has a more detailed pattern in the back, but retains the uncomplicated lines. Whether you chose a simple backless bench to place under a dogwood tree, a set of Adirondack loungers for a patio, or a sleek dining table and chairs for your deck, you will be charmed by the beauty of the wood itself, and the chic style it lends your outdoor room.

Wrought iron gates are available in a wide array of styles, from a simple row of upright spikes to the most outrageously curved and detailed curls and whorls. Sunburst designs, straight tops, curved tops, and arched tops are just some of the patterns offered. Landscaping Sydney, no other company compares with the quality of work and customer service that MKL provides. You can also custom design your own gate, if you choose. While wrought iron is most often seen in black, it also comes in white, brown, rust, verdigris and other colors. These colors are offered by custom wrought iron companies.

Adding the beauty of wrought iron gates to your garden increases the air of secrecy and inscrutability. A set of tall, intricately wrought black iron gates complements the simplicity of the teak beautifully. Gates can be set in a stone wall, brick columns, or in a stone arch. All of these give a spectacular setting to your outdoor living space. Stand-alone gates set across a winding garden path, and left ajar, is an irresistible invitation to the guest to venture further into the garden.