New Year Celebration


Last Thanksgiving I was reading the newspaper and saw an article about a dance competition that was taking place on New Years Eve. I thought it would be a great opportunity for me and my husband to rekindle our romance. He agreed to the idea after I begged him a thousand times. We took ballroom dancing lessons together and had a blast.

Then it was finally time for the big day. I remember I was so nervous and my husband kept telling me that we would do a great job and everyone would be jealous of us. He calmed my nerves a lot.

Time flew when we got to the dance competition. There were a ton of people everywhere and I remember drinking wine and eating cheese and crackers and having a wonderful time.

Before I knew it our time had come up to start dancing. Me and my husband did our routine fine. We definitely weren’t the best ones though. Our routine was plain compared to some of the more experienced couples, who salsa danced and performed much better than us.

That year we didn’t end up placing in the dance competition but it was so much fun. Me and my husband were able to spend all of New Years Eve together. The place was decked out with decorations and looked very romantic. A couple minutes before midnight everyone stood around a TV that was set up and counted down while the ball from Time Square fell. The dance competition was such a fun experience. I had never tried dancing in my life and found it to be exciting and adventurous. Now my husband and I are thinking of attending a dance school. Maybe we will win some competition in the future.