Natural Cowhide Rug

Natural-Cowhide-Rug Natural-Cowhide-Rug

Deciding which elements to incorporate into your home décor is rarely a simple and easy thing to do. Some homeowners may ponder and explore the options for many months before finally making a decision regarding décor, and others may second guess their decisions after the fact because the pieces they selected simply are not providing the desired results. While there are a seemingly endless number of decorative elements that you could incorporate into your home, a natural cowhide rug is an option that undoubtedly will impress you and others who visit your home for many years to come. With a closer look at what you can expect from a cowhide rug, you may decide to indulge by adding this special decorative item to your home décor.

The Incredible Style of Cowhide

Cowhide rugs have a style that is unique and altogether incredible. Because this is a natural animal hide, it brings a rustic, authentic feel into the room. While many think about a cowhide rug sprawled across the floor in a log cabin or ranch house that has a country or rustic interior design, cowhide can be used in various other home décor styles. For example, it can add a fascinating element to a modern or contemporary space, and it can also be used with classic or traditional décor with fabulous results. This is truly a versatile element that will look amazing in many homes.

The Rich Texture and Coloring

One of the reasons why a cowhide rug is such a wonderful option to consider is because of the rich detail of the texturing and the many color options. Cowhide is comprised of soft yet coarse hair. While it is a pleasure to walk across and to touch, the texture of the thicker hair adds charm to a room. Furthermore, cowhide is available in a wide range of colors, and these include solid hues and patterns with white, gray, black, brown, tan, rust and more. With so many color options available to consider, you can easily select the ideal rug with the right coloring for your home.

How Cowhide Can Be Used in the Home

Cowhide rugs are unique because of how they can be used as well. When most people think about this type of all-natural rug, they may think about laying it across a hardwood or tile floor. Because of how durable cow hide is, this is a great floor covering option. However, the material also can be used as a wall covering, a throw over a chair and for other various purposes. It is soft and hypo-allergenic, so it is ideal for use in most homes.

A natural cowhide rug can be a treasured addition in a home for many years to come. It has the rich character and personality that you want to instill in your home, and it also has the durability and timeless appeal that you are looking for. Splurge on a natural cowhide rug today, and you can enjoy having this piece in your home for years to come.