Museum – Preservation of Heritage

The preservation of heritage, history, and cultural symbols are incredibly important. These types of things are important to teach future generations so they can better understand where they came from and the history of the country they live in. It also gives people a sense of pride knowing what their heritage is. That is why it is so important that museums preserve the heritage of countries and people.

The biggest way museums preserve our heritage is by protecting valuable symbols, artifacts, and memorabilia of our past. To get a better understanding of American history it is extremely valuable to see the documents and memorabilia that helped a country reach the point they are at today. Studying documents like the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Emancipation Proclamation help show what was life was like for the people who came before us and what they did to change the way life is today.

Just as important as saving the actual artifacts, museums help to show the culture of the groups that made up our heritage. Different groups have made major impacts on society today ranging from what we wear to what we eat. Museums capture the history of how these groups acted, the trials they went through, and help show how different groups of people impacted a country.

Museums help tell the story of what has happened. In those stories people can see how life has changed and how the culture we live in today was impacted by all of the groups of people that came before us.