Moving with Pets

good-dogPeople who own pets and rent may find it difficult to find housing that permits animals. The owner or manager of the property may not want to take the risk of renting to someone who has pets. Not only can animals destroy the door frames with clawing or scratching, their urine and feces can ruin the carpets and floors. The other tenants may complain about noise, aggressive behavior, or any odors that might result from an animal living there.

While some property owners may not even be willing to consider allowing pets, there are those that will. Of those that are amenable to taking on tenants with pets, there are usually strict rules to follow. Most require that all pets be spayed or neutered. There may be a size, weight, or disallowed breeds specified in the verbiage of the lease. Most landowners will also insist that the animals have up-to-date vaccinations and will usually require that dogs have a license. All pets will most certainly be expected to be free of fleas, ticks, and other parasites.

If pet-friendly accomodations cannot be found, the owner may decide to re-home their pet with a loving family member. In extreme cases, they may have to resort to relinquishing the animal to a shelter. This is, of course, very sad and is usually the route of last resort. Finding a pet-friendly new home is the perfect outcome for the family and their pet.