Mining Equipment and Heavy Machinery

Mining and Construction Equipment

When it comes to mining, all modern mining equipment and heavy machinery can basically be separated into three main groups and those are: underground equipment, surface equipment and, lastly, transportation and preparation tools.

Underground equipment is used to extract minerals and most often miners use: longwall machines, ventilation fans, rock dusters, roofbolters and shuttle cars.

Mining Equipment and Heavy MachineryOn the other hand, surface mining equipment, also a part of mineral extraction process and machinery, is used to directly assist underground machinery, during said process of course, and things we consider surface mining equipment are: loaders, shovels, draglines, drills, graders and dozers.

The third group are transportation and preparation tools, which can be further separated into two more groups: transportation tools and preparation tools. Transportation tools are is the equipment we use to transport and process the minerals we extract from Earth and those are: conveyors, ships, railroads, specialized trucks. Mineral testing laboratories and mineral preparation equipment can be considered preparation tools.

Construction Equipment and Heavy Machinery

Now, let’s talk a bit about construction equipment and machinery. The construction industry is growing and extremely competitive and that’s why, in recent years, we have witnessed some truly remarkable developments.

One of these developments are mobile construction cranes. Mobile construction cranes combine the mobility of classic mobile cranes with advantages of typical tower cranes. Only one man is needed to operate this vehicle.

However, some things will forever remain unchanged because they need no improvements and one of those is concrete technology. Mixing plants, mixer trucks and concrete pumps are the backbone of the construction industry and equipment that is a must-use to this day.

Another thing worthy of a mention, when it comes to construction equipment and heavy machinery, are earth moving tools, machinery and vehicles, such as: hydraulic excavators, telescopic handlers, crawler cranes and highly-sophisticated dump trucks.

It’s safe to assume that we will witness more technological breakthroughs and inventions in the near future, because construction and mining industries continue to rise and now, more than ever, we need modern equipment to get the job done. These are great news for heavy machinery enthusiasts and construction workers alike.