Materials handling equipment

Materials handling equipment are designed specially to handle heavy items in production, storage and shipping. Selecting the appropriate material handling equipment is very important as this has a direct impact on the operational costs and efficiency at the factory. Some of the factors that affect the efficiency are inclusive of the building, urgent issues and safety.

The specific piece of materials handling equipment required can be determined after considering the pace of movements, direction and the supervision level that is required. Some of the equipment that is used to transport the light loads include trolleys, wheelbarrows and pulley blocks. For the heavy loads, the conveyors, slides and chutes are utilized. Therefore, the material handling equipment can be categorized as equipment used for transport, positioning and the formation of the unit load.

The transport equipment is utilized in the movement of materials from one place to another. These are inclusive of the cranes and the industrial trucks. The positioning type of equipment is utilized to handle the material that is found on a single location so as to ensure that it is in the proper position for transport, machining, handling or storage. These are inclusive of the lifts and the hoists. It is worth noting that the positioning equipment is mainly used at one work place which is not the case with the transport equipment. In order to maintain integrity while dealing with one load, it is important to use the equipment that is targeted for unit load formation. This kind of equipment includes the skids, pallets and the bags.

New equipment developments have been introduced in relation to stock movement within the factories and also the distribution centers. Lift truck modes have been introduced in the market and they use AC power.