Take the essentials to prepare for camping emergencies

Anytime a person ventures outdoors for a week or weekend camping excursion, it is imperative that an emergency kit be packed along with all of the other necessary supplies. These emergency kits should contain items that will be essential should something go wrong. In addition to the normal supplies found in regular first aid kits, such as bandages, gauze, waterproof tape, antiseptic spray and antihistamine lotion and pills, a camping emergency kit should also include survival items.  There are different types of first aid kits available, depending on what you are looking for.

Choose a survival kit that also includes duct tape, emergency cord, a good knife, scissors and matches. Another essential item is a back-up compass and an emergency whistle that may be blown to get the attention of others in the area, should a camper become incapacitated. Make sure the kit also contains a large sheet of aluminum foil, which may be used to keep an injured person warm and protected until help arrives, and even a set of fishing hooks and fishing line so food may be caught if campers get stuck away from the city.

Finally, all good emergency camping survival kits should contain a survival guide. This book serves as an important reference in case of a catastrophic event or unusual situation. Enjoy camping trips and spending time in nature with friends and family, but always go prepared for the unexpected with a well-stocked emergency kit.