Keeping Reptiles as pets is great for Kids

ReptilesToday more and more people are keeping pets of all sorts. This paper seeks to explain the reasons as to why a reptile is a great pet for kids. A pet is any animal kept by human at home for the purpose of providing companion, pleasure or protection. The recent survey conducted in the US has indicated that many children do keep pets. Keeping of pets is beneficial in many ways.

First; Pets are considered as a form of emotional therapy to heal or improve human moods and temperament. It is medically proven that people who keep pets are less likely to suffer from depression compared to those who do not.

Secondly; Researchers have indicated that pets and especially dogs can be used a source of exercise. People who keep dogs are said to be active and fit.

Thirdly; pets provide companionship and love for people who are lonely, thus reduce loneliness, anxiety and stress.

Fourth; some researchers have argued that people who keep Pets tend to live longer and also have better social skills and social relations.

Fifth; Pets and especially dogs have become the source of protection and safety for most home owners.

One of those commonly used pets today are reptiles. People are curious to find out why reptiles are great pets for kids. A reptile is any cold blooded crawling animal with vertebrate and dry scaly skins and shells. Most reptiles lay eggs on land. The commonly known reptiles are snakes, crocodiles, turtles, lizards and alligators.

For one to be able to keep a reptile is as a pet is important to consider its habitations. The best way to prepare habitat for a reptile is to consider the following steps.

First; make sure that there are no other pets that may pose a threat to the reptile and take precautionary safety measures against anything or any domesticated animal that is likely to harm the newly acquired reptile.

Second; it important to control the temperature of the environment what host the reptile. The temperature should not be too cold, too warm or drafty.

Third, make sure that chemicals and waste water are kept away from the reptiles. Such waste water and chemical are so harmful to the pets. Fourth; Take precautionary measure to avoid any loss, crushing or suffocation of pets and accident that is likely to occur at home. This means it is always important to keep an eye on the pets at all times.

There are advantages and disadvantages too of keeping reptiles as pets for kids. For instance reptiles are cheaper and affordable and therefore, the maintenance cost is generally low. Most reptiles do not need frequent feeding, vaccination or surgical procedures. As a matter of fact, they do feed on crickets, mice, worms, rats and other insects. Unfortunately, not all reptiles are appropriate for pets and may turn to be harmful. For instance, large snakes and Pythons are dangerous and require experience in handling. Such large reptiles often require large space, big buildings and lots of money.

On one hand, just like any other pets, reptiles can help kids to develop their social skills, improve their moods and reduce anxiety. But on the other side, some reptiles may not like to be held and play with all the time. Some would tolerate such handling but others are too delicate and may suffer ill health.