Keeping A Safe Workplace

Accidents happen all too frequently in the workplace, despite everyone’s best attempt to be safe. Sometimes accidents are minor, such as a burn injury that can be treated at work, a trip or a sprain, or something else. People do not always get that lucky, however. Sometimes, even a simple trip and fall can lead to the local emergency squad being dialed. How can you keep yourself and others safe at work?

1. Practice basic safety precautions at all time. Follow not only all workplace rules and regulations, but all OHS inductions and regulations as well. Use basic common sense with all workplace procedures.
2. Dress appropriately for work to avoid any accidents. For women, avoid wearing dangly jewelry that can be caught on things, especially if working with any sort of machinery. For men, avoid wearing something that could easily rip or tear, or get caught on machinery.
3. Practice basic precaution when using any sort of tool – even computers.

It’s important to follow all basic safety precautions. If your workplace has a rule, there are most likely reasons for the rule, so make sure that you follow the rule. Sometimes, there will be OHS systems as well that need to be required. Failing to follow those can get you in trouble not only with work, but with the law as well.

If you don’t know what safety precautions need to be taken at your workplace, then search online OHS inductions to get a good idea for a good start. Then make sure to ask your boss for information about any additional rules that you should be following, to avoid getting hurt or injured, or to avoid having someone else hurt or injured on your shift. Using common sense can keep not only you safe, but everyone else safe, as well.