Interstate Removals

Making an interstate move entails far more than loading furniture and possessions into a truck and heading off to a new destination. The logistics of packing, storage, insurance and the movement of special equipment such as motor vehicles require a detailed plan and the resources to accomplish relocation quickly, efficiently and affordably. While these are desirable, they are the basics of an interstate relocation service. A truly comprehensive relocation package needs to offer far more than the basic services of moving a home or business from one state to another safely and quickly. Aside from these logistical arrangements that make such a move successful, relocation plan needs to take into account a few important factors that include:

Staged Relocation

One of the most overlooked aspects of interstate removals is the order in which a family or business needs their furniture and appliances moved. More often than not, relocation services tend to deliver based on size—large furniture and storage units first, followed by smaller appliances and accessories.
However, when a family sets up a new home, their basic needs may be the appliances required to cook such as a gas stove or electric cooker, a refrigerator and a bed to sleep in. Similarly, a business may need its records and computers set up before its furniture is installed. Understanding the logistics of a stated relocation is what separates a good relocation from a great one.

Customisable Storage Solutions

In over 50% of interstate removals, a client may not have a location ready to set up their home or office and may require short-term or long-term storage solutions. Relocation experts often bundle interim warehousing into their costs or offer customisable storage solutions for documents, fragile goods and even large furniture.

Special Services

Relocating special items such as safes, automobiles, pets, plants, documents and artwork require a clear understanding of how these items need to be cleaned, protected, packaged, loaded and unloaded. Using the right pallets, loading and unloading equipment and boarding protocols can prevent thousands of dollars in damages and make moving a relaxing experience. The disposal of hazardous items, planning and execution of a countdown checklist and safety checks are services that any premier relocation service must be willing to offer as part of their services.

Regional Services

When choosing a relocation services company, it is important to ensure that the firm has a wide network of offices across the country and is able to provide transit insurance that is valid across states. A wide service network ensures that a premier relocation expert such as Move Anywhere is aware of the state regulations that govern several aspects such as transit insurance, corporate relocation, and animal movement as part of their pre-move, transit and post-move services.