Husky Dog Training


When training your husky, before you get into complicated training techniques and tricks it’s important to understand the basics. You have to be able to think like dogs do to know their reasoning behind every action that they make. After you have grasped the fundamentals then you’ll have much easier time training and your husky dog.

So what is the basic idea behind training husky dogs? It’s actually pretty simple. You must be the alpha dog of the pack! The alpha dog is the one who guides the dog pack and teaches and trains everyone within the pack. Is not that what you wish to be with your husky? Learning for your husky will grow to be more natural and behavior issues will grow to be much easier to correct as soon as you identify this role as your own.

So what do you do you have to do to become the alpha dog of the pack? Well there actually is not something particular you must dog. You need to act like the leader of the pack, this is the only thing you should do. It’s important to earn your huskies respect by being a good and caring leader.

You do this by walking tall and proud, talking loud and clear and by rewarding your husky dog for good behavior while training. Of course there are a lot more to this than that and that’s what we will be talking about in this article.

Within the wild, the pack leader is the first one to eat and when he’s finished and full, and then the others can eat too. This is a very important characteristic of the alpha dog which each and every aspiring dog trainer should follow. It is best if you eat first before your dog does, after you finished, give him his food. If you’re not hungry then just get a small snack and eat it first.

Try to maintain your husky off your furniture and your bed. The alpha dog will get the high and good spots and your husky should know that you are the alpha dog. If your husky tries to get in your bed, gently push him off and guide him to his own spot

There is no reason to restrict your husky from any rooms of the home, despite the fact that so called inexperienced trainers want you to believe that for some odd reason. Your dog can roam around your property freely. Remember, the furniture is off-limits that’s for sure.

Dogs think in a different way than humans do and you need to always keep that at the back of your mind while training. Attempt to think like the alpha dog of the pack. Your husky dog will natural begin obeying your instructions and respecting you as the provider and caretaker when you act and become the leader of the group.