Guide to Camping in Australia

Camping in Australia

Australia is known for its dramatic settings and inspiring scenery. The continent is home to some of the most beautiful attractions of the world. Tropical seas and red deserts in Australia attract millions of people worldwide every year. It is imperative that people visiting Australia desire to see the entire country. They are watching a country and an entire continent simultaneously. This is something only Australia can offer.

Australia is definitely one of the best places to camp. Camping in Western Australia is something that almost all travel magazines consider as things to do before you die. It is an adventure that should not be missed. So if camping is in your list, then definitely Australia can offer you the finest spot to sit around under the starry sky. There are several private and national parks in Australia where people can sit around and camp. There are many Campervan hire companies. There are several campervan hire Tasmania services available. And the people who visit here don’t have to worry about supplies. The parks themselves provide basic facilities like tents with toilets and barbeques. For those who want to camp in Tasmania, can hire campervans.

When it comes to camping in Australia, national parks are the most obvious and best choice.

The Uluru National Park is a hot spot for campers. It has the presence of the gorgeous red rock formation in the background. These formations give a breathtaking view of the desert and provide just the right place to gather around a fire. The place also enables people to have a view of the sun setting among the rocks. Just outside the borders of the desert there is the Ayers Rock Camper ground for all the food and accommodation facilities. The Ayers is located in the town of Yulara.

Kakadu National Park is another famous national park. What differentiates this park from others is the presence of the Alligator River. The place is amplified by tidal planes. The presence of the surrounding hills also is a distinguishable feature. In addition to the attractive camping features of this park, it also offers wildlife watching, boating and hiking. There are over two dozen camper grounds in the park. The entry to these parks is free, nevertheless will require a permit.

Christmas Island National Park witness campers all throughout the year. The park is also the breeding ground for several red crabs that migrate to this place, annually. The park is ideal for driving, swimming, and scuba dive. People also don’t have to worry about hotel and other accommodation facilities in this place. There is the Dolly Beach and Pink House Research Station for the proper facilities. However, these are the only two camper grounds in the park. These parks are free to camp for but it requires permission from authorities.