Gifts from Mother Nature

Gifts from Mother NatureWhen a person thinks of a gift what do they think of? Well most people think of store bought things. Things that sparkle and shine. But what most people look over is a kind of gift that gives in more than one way. A gift that not only puts a smile on the face of the person you will be giving it to. But it puts a smile on the face of Mother Nature as well. A home made gift can mean more to some one than any thing bought in a store. Take some of the things that you probably have around the house. Some of witch you were more then likely going to through away any ways. These are some of the things that you can use to create unique and thoughtful gifts and memories that will last a life time. I am talking about recycling nature gifts. Jewelry that can be made of beans and seeds. You can make gifts and craft from unusually shaped wood or stone.

Take dried leaves and flowers and put them to work in your scrapbooking. Get creative because there in almost no limit to the things that you can come up with. Making jewelry, necklace or bracelet. Use seeds or beans to make them. You can use almost any thing, like watermelon seeds, pumpkin seeds, and other large vegetable seeds. you can include shapes cut out of colorful plastics. Old pine cones can make great senter pieces.

A limb that has fallen from a tree can be made into a very nice walking stick. Most any of these things can be incorporated into a beautiful collage made up of natures beauty as well. When it comes right down to it there is not much that you can’t use and you will be helping nature at the same time. Were can you go wrong with that. But in the end you will have made a wonderful gift for your loved ones as well as helped to save the environment. Also you saved a little money along the way and put a little smile on your face as well. Giving should be fun so have fun with it.

Eco-friendly gifts are just one way of using your mind to create gift that will keep giving your loved ones a life time of great memories. So keep what you have read here in mind.