Garden Trends

There are three distinct garden styles to suit different types of homeowners. These can be divided into red, yellow, blue and green.

This style suits the yellow type of homeowner, a social recipient is a playground for children and it is really important. In this style coarse, robust materials and sturdy designs are used. It is functional and simple. The materials are rough, strong, eyes, weathered and used look handmade. The bold designs are made of material imitations such as concrete or wood, patchwork patterns, hand-drawn windows and template letters. The planting is cheerful, casual, colorful, tough, wild and sometimes has a spiky appearance.

Warm embrace
This style fits the blue / green type, the proud homeowner. Nostalgia, nature and tranquility prevail in this garden. In this style there are fit round, soft shapes and craft, nostalgic details. The materials are natural and weathered with soft, comfortable cloth. Stone, brick and concrete are important sources of inspiration. Diagonal windows and keel designs patterns are applied in this style. The planting is rural, friendly, elegant, casual, and is classified by theme: picking flowers, medicinal herbs and fragrant flowers.

This style fits the blue garden type. The garden is basically furnished and focuses on a single powerful accents such as the terrace. This determines the remainder of the device, shapes and lines in the garden. The shapes are organic and comfortable furniture. Rays from high quality materials, (possibly plastic) have a natural look but do not look rough or weathered. The designs are striped with simple weave structures and reliefs. Patterns are very important in this style to focus on a product to establish the garden have something extra to give. The plants have a clear structure, special design, thematic value and a distinctive layering. This creates more depth and this gives extra dimension to the garden. Colours are shades of brown, terracotta, green and gray. Bright colors are missing.

The way people enjoy their gardens can be displayed in red, yellow, blue and green. These colors coded values that are important to consumers. These homeowners can be divided into six different types of consumers.

  • The prestigious perfectionists (blue) – They want success, recognition, peace and privacy. They are assertive, critical, career-oriented, and want to earn above-average house and garden state radiate. The garden and the house are above average in size, tastefully decorated and have an exclusive look. The interior is the consumer high quality and exclusivity is important. The material used in the garden must be exclusive and durable. Expert advice is appreciated.
  • The quirky Homeowners (red) – This consumer is independent, impulsive and individual. Self-development and growth are important in this type of consumer. The house is a place to enjoy, relax, impulsive and revolutionary style. Their ideal garden is lush green and stylish but little attention to. Purchases for the house and garden are made impulsively. It is not easy to draw this type to get and hold.
  • The social outdoor lovers (yellow) – This consumer is funny, enjoy company and convenience is important to him. The house and garden are used for fun things to do with any others and there are also furnished. There is a place for children to play. These consumers look most residential programs and lifestyle magazines read most but not spend much money to furnish their house and garden at most paint and accessories.
  • The garden conformists (yellow / green) – These types are also social. The garden fits the gardens in the area. These consumers see no need to distinguish themselves from others. There is not much energy in maintaining the garden and put the interior is only replaced when necessary.
  • The gardeners (green) – These consumers have green fingers and the garden is very important to them. They enjoy the work and stay happy in the garden. Their garden is cozy, comfortable, natural and is used to take the world to escape.
  • The proud homeowners (green / blue) – These people bond with their garden and are proud. The garden is attractive, nice and neat