Garden Maintenance

Garden Maintenance can be the most rewarding and at the same time the most back breaking aspect of gardening. The biggest task in garden maintenance aside from regular watering is weeding. If not done on a regular basis weeding can become a daunting and labor intensive task. The best approach to weeding is to do it early and often. Don’t give weeds a chance to get large and tough to deal with. Rather, do a comprehensive weeding once a week in the spring and slightly less often as the weather gets hotter toward the middle of the growing season.

Another important tip to keep weeds under control is to get a good weed border in place around the perimeter of the garden. Usually, the black plastic border that comes in twenty foot rolls is adequate to keep out most weeds and, most importantly, bermuda grass. Simply make a trench about 8 inches deep around the edge of the garden, place the border in, adjust it so the top sticks up about two inches above ground level and then pack the dirt back down against it. The border will keep out encroaching underground roots and runners from the surrounding lawn. This is especially important if one has a bermuda lawn. Bermuda is especially hardy and tough to weed out of a garden.

Regular watering is the other major garden maintenace task. Obviously, without regular watering the garden will not produce as well and will eventually die. One can water the garden with a simple hose, but this unregulated water flow can damage plants and wash away too much dirt, exposing roots. If one is going to water individual plants with a hose, the best way is to get a spray nozzle for the end of the hose that has a setting for “shower”. The shower setting disburses the water in a gentle rain, which does not damage the plants or wash away too much dirt. The best and easiest way to water the garden is to set up a soaker hose. The soaker hose has permeable walls and allows water to seap or soke through to gradually soak the garden. No dirt gets washed away and it is as simple as turning on the faucet and coming back later and turning it off.

Garden Designers

Garden design is part of most landscapers scope of work. Garden design is not necessarily confined to professionals. Putting together a garden can be done by anyone who has a sense of what looks right. To those folks who say they are not designers, I have often said that anyone who can arrange furniture or dress themselves appropriately can design a garden.

Holiday designs

During the holidays you also need to ensure that your garden looks wonderful. For example, a Christmas tree decorated in a garden can be a real feast for the eyes. You can decorate any tree in your garden but you might have a problem if you have garden without any trees. Today it really should not be a problem because there is a large number of artificial Christmas trees. They can look so beautiful and nothing does not imply that this is not a true pine. Balsam Hill has a beautiful selection of pre-lit artificial Christmas trees and wreaths, perfect for any holiday season.