Explore Broken Hill

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There are many places to see and discover in the great Australian outback, and the town of Broken Hill should be at the top of your list. The town is easily accessible by air and rail, but if you want to truly explore the area then a good old fashioned road trip is the way to go!

To gain a greater understanding of the history of Broken Hill, the first stop could be the Sulphide Street Railway and Historical Museum. You can be forgiven for thinking this museum is solely about trains, but there is a lot more to the history of Broken Hill than that. You actually get access to a total of four museums – the Triple Chance Mineral Collection, the Ron Carter Transport Pavillion, the Hospital Museum and also the Broken Hill Migrant Museum.

Broken Hill has a long and famous history of mining. Way back in the 1880’s the town gave birth to Australia’s biggest mining company in BHP. You can discover the long, rich and at times tragic mining history of Broken Hill with a visit to one of a handful of mining museums and memorials in the area. Or if you prefer a closer look, you can take a day tour of the Day Dream Mine and get a real feel for what life was like in the mines.

From underground in the mines to up in the clouds with the Royal Flying Doctor Service, there is still more to see of Broken Hill. The Royal Flying Doctor Service is the lifeblood to those living in rural Australia and you can get an in depth view of their operations and history with a guided tour of the base.

If all of that sight seeing has worked up an appetite, then take a break for lunch at one of Argent Streets cafes or restaurants. Then follow it up with a bit of souvenir shopping along Argent Streets array of boutique and specialty shops.

If you are concerned about the calories you consumed with your Argent Street dining experience, then you can burn them off on one of Broken Hills many walking trails.

At night you can get a taste for the local culture and nightlife with a traditional meal at the local pub, before retiring in comfort to one of many choices of local accommodation. Alternatively you can set up camp in one of several fantastic camping spots and get a good nights rest before discovering more of what Broken Hill has to offer the next day.