Equipment and Heavy Machinery Industry – Mining and Construction

Workers in gold mine processing plant

Heavy equipment and machinery industry has been experiencing a 6% growth rate, for the past ten years worldwide and as a result of this growth rate new machines are being developed and old, conventional machines are being upgraded and improved. The demand for this type of technology is fueled by our continuous need to mine minerals, build astonishing architectural wonders and our need to refurbish old buildings.

Workers constructing the highway with a craneNew technologies in this area have brought us increased reliability, efficiency, safety and comfort. Slowly, but surely, we have been integrating digital technologies into construction equipment and mining equipment and all of this has, in return, made our lives much easier and our jobs much safer.

We can classify heavy machinery and equipment in a few categories and those are: excavation, lifting, earth moving, transportation, forestry and agricultural equipment.

Now, let’s focus on each of these categories individually.

• Excavation equipment includes machines that are used in trenching and, obviously, in digging excavations . Dredges and excavators are used together to extract what we need from earth – usually it’s raw material that ends up being used in construction.

• Boom trucks, bridge inspection units, container handlers, bucket trucks and a wide variety of cranes is what can be considered lifting equipment and machinery.

• In large earth moving projects, such as mining projects, what we call earth moving equipment is most commonly used, such as: articulating trucks, bulldozers, tractors, draglines, drills and mass excavators.

• When it comes to transportation equipment, most commonly used in mining and construction industries are: A-trains, lowboys, bed trucks, single axle trucks, tandem trucks, wagons and heavy haulers.

• In the lumber and forestry industry, that are also an integral part of the construction industry, we use equipment such as: delimbers, feller bunchers, forwarders, harvesters and skidders.

• And lastly, in agricultural industry, we use all kinds of heavy machinery and equipment, which makes this industry fall under the umbrella of construction and mining in many ways. Some of those technological tools are: tractors, combines, sprayers, balers and disc harrows.

In the end, it’s safe to assume that, without heavy machinery and equipment, there would be no mining or construction. We would have to rely on men power and everything would be more expensive and time consuming and that’s why these technological tools are an integral part of humanity. We use them to build and demolish our surroundings, extract raw materials from the Earth that we use on a daily basis – in short, they have significantly improved our lives and are , therefore, a necessity rather than a luxury.

Workers in gold mine processing plant