Enjoying yourself at home

For many home has become a place where we sleep and and clean up ourselves for the next day. When we think of fun we imagine a night out or a trip to some exotic place. With so many changes in our nations economy, we have to reinvent ways to entertain ourselves on a budget. Finding stimulating thing to do around the home can be fun and inexpensive. The very first step in entertaining oneself at home is to know yourself and what you consider fun. Fun to one person may mean gardening in the yard and to another it may mean reading an exciting novel. If you have children you will want to find activities that will keep them interested as well. Below is a list of ideas for having fun at home.

1. Have a scavenger hunt. Make a small list of items that can be found in the house or around the yard.

2. Camp inside. Set up a tent or just pile sleeping bags on the living room floor.

3. Have movie night. Rent a movie and pop some popcorn.

4. Have an international dinner. Have each family member preparing a dish from a different country.

5. Have a house party. Invite a small group of friends over and have a party.

6. Start a new hobby. Take up gardening or model building.

7. Have game night. Now is a perfect time to clear the dust off some of those board games and start playing them again.

8. Buy an old junk car or pedal bike. Then make a project of fixing it up.

9.Redecorate you home. Go through the decorative items you have around your home and reorganize and reinvent your living space.

10. Have a backyard barbecue. Nothing says fun like a back yard barbecue. Have it with a theme attached like a Western or Hawaiian theme.

Your home should be a place where you can relax, be yourself and have fun. Take time out and enjoy being at home again.