Save Energy Around Home

Use Less Energy Around Home And Save The Environment – Simple Tips

• Instead of cooling your home with air conditioning, switch to ceiling fans – They are much cheaper, more eco-friendly and almost equally as efficient. Another simple thing you can do during hot summer days, not a lot of us think of, is simply closing your curtains and shutting your windows.

• Consider replacing your dishwasher – While at the first glance this may seem like a big investment, it’s not at all, in the long run, especially if you already have an outdated dishwasher. Old dishwashers use twice as much water and up to 40% more energy than newer models.

• Switch to LED or similar light bulbs – Compact fluorescent light bulbs and LED light bulbs save up to 80% more energy than regular ones. This is definitely something worth investing in, because these light bulbs won’t burn a hole in your budget and will most definitely help you save energy. Also consider installing motion sensors on your security lights, so you don’t have to remember when to turn them on and off.

• Change your fridge’s temperature – Change the temperature of your fridge, make sure to keep it between 3 and 5 Celsius degrees and set the freezer somewhere between 15 and 18 Celsius degrees. Keep in mind, even only a degree lower than your current set temperature means 5% less energy used.

• Dry your clothes on a line during summer – Australia has warm climate, so not only that you can dry your clothes on the line during summer, you can do it most of the year and this will help you save more than a 100 dollars a year, not to mention the environmental benefits.

• Bonus tip: Check the energy-level rating label when shopping for new home appliances – Most new home appliances have this label, so make sure to check it out: the more stars it has, the more energy efficient it is.