Effective Time Management

Effective Time ManagementLearning how to study effectively means learning how to manage time. You cannot learn to do it right at the end of the term. It takes time. Anyone can do it. Step 1, get started now.

Set Time Blocks€“ for Study and Breaks
When you have your schedule set for a term, figure out some blocks of time to study each day. Set your study times when you are most active. You may have to set blocks of different lengths for different types of classes. Make sure you set break times in between study blocks but make sure you restart at the end of every break. On breaks you need to recharge, refresh and refuel.

Manage Your Study Environment
Make sure the location you will study is clear of as many distractions as possible. That means take control and set the example. No cell phone, no calls and no texting during any study block. Have a predetermined backup place to study in case all Hades breaks lose in your normal study area. Don’t let the distraction monster win.

Set Goals for Daily and Weekly
Set goals for your study for each class. Once a week review those goals and make sure you are keeping up. Do not let it all pile up and wait until the end of the term.

If you have problems with a class, get to the professor early and ask for more one on one time. Stay on top of your study time constantly. Succeed!