Different Solutions for Hot Water

Hot WaterWith the winters approaching it is very imperative to have continuous hot water in kitchens and in bathrooms. It is a great relief to have constant supply of hot water at our disposal. There are a wide range of options available in the market catering to this need of home owners  Let us see the different options available for users and how cost effective is it to invest in them. Solar water Solar power derived from the sun's energy is one of the cost effective and environment friendly solutions for hot water. A lot of countries offer discounts and rebates for customers opting for solar water as it is cost saving as well as great for the environment. It saves our nations limited energy resources by tapping the immense power of the solar energy and converting this energy to heat water. It helps in controlling the greenhouse emissions and cuts our energy costs. The initial investment may be on a higher side, but with time you will notice a big cost saving.

Electric or Gas water heaters
Electric, gas, heat pump and continuous boost hot water solutions can be installed with the help of an experienced technician. These types of heater can be installed at your home by an installer.

Centralized Hot Water
In this system of hot water supply, hot water is supplied through a centralized system to all the apartments in the building. Agencies supply and maintain gas to these centralized heaters and they charge the user according to the usage. A water meter is installed in each apartment to calculate the amount of usage.

LPG or Liquefied Petroleum Gas
LPG is also a very affordable and cost effective solution to heat water. It has been successfully used in many countries and comes in LPG bottles. LPG can be used not only for heating water, but also for cooking. With the increasing cost of gas in the international market, it needs to be seen how cost effective this system is.

Going green is the mantra in today’s time and age. The choice of hot water solution entirely depends on your needs and requirements. By opting for solar power you can save on power costs and contribute towards keeping the environment green.