Daimler Chrysler Vehicles

Daimler Chrysler vehicles have become a staple in the automotive industry. Many of the world’s most prestigious cars, such as the Maybach and Mercedes-Benz are manufactured on the brand’s name. The reliability of the company’s models has always been among the top of the competition. This is especially true for models made under the Maybach and Mercedes-Benz name.

Maybach is known for its pure luxury, smooth riding and superior performance. The prices for these vehicles will fall out of most people’s budgets, but the price tag comes with a lot of benefits. The Maybach has seen speeds reaching 60 MPH in a mere 4.5 seconds, while retaining the pleasurable ride they are known for.

Mercedes-Benz is known for its top quality and superior reliability. This has not changed throughout the brand names 100+ year existence. The Mercedes-Benz models have all been rated to have above average quality and reliability as recently as 2011. In fact, they were rated above every luxury car that they compete with.