Custom design vintage wine labels

Custom design vintage wine labels are becoming popular among individuals collecting relics from a previous era, and will often
have intricate designs and bold patterns in various themes. Classic wine labels often offer a glimpse into a certain period in history,
and will use typography, designs, and artisan techniques that were popular during that time. Now people are creating their own
custom labels online based on these earlier styles.

Traditional wine labels are usually more detailed than their contemporary counterparts, and evoke connotations of elegance and
prestige. They might include a coat of arms, cursive writing, and different backgrounds. These designs are found on wines that
originate from classic wine growing regions such as Burgundy and Bordeaux in France; Napa in California; and Piedmont in Italy.

Some vintage wine labels might include pictures of plants, animals, or the landscape of the wine-producing region, and older labels
might be hand-drawn. Custom made labels will need to be eye-catching to attraction the attention of the consumer.