Cultivating a Relaxation Garden

Relaxation Garden

Everyone knows that a beautiful garden cheers the soul and is a delight to the eyes. But did you know that gardens can enhance your health, as well?

According to scientific studies, environments that encourage relaxation, like beautiful gardens, also help lower blood pressure and reduce the heart rate. Relaxing environments also encourage the formation of slow alpha waves. Alpha waves, which are also associated with meditation, indicate that the brain has entered a peaceful, focused, awake state.

Before you design your garden, make sure that you know what types of plants are best suited to your climate and sun exposure. When you have selected the plants for your peaceful garden, you may begin selecting garden decor. Some favorite decorative items for relaxation gardens include comfortable stone or wooden benches, mirror or crystal balls, and small, tasteful statuary. Standing Buddhas and other spiritual or religious statuary is particularly popular.

Another feature conducive to relaxation is a babbling brook or fountain. Fountains, constructed of durable, attractive stone, are reasonably priced, available at many garden stores, and simple to install. If you do not feel comfortable hooking up a fountain to your water supply, you may prefer to choose a bird bath or small pool.

If your relaxation garden needs to be located close to your house, other homes, or urban spaces, you may want to invest in some fences or trellises in order to cultivate a sense of an isolated outdoor space. Train ivies or other plants to cover your fence or trellis in order to suggest verdant lushness.

Whether your garden is large or small, located in an urban or rural space, and filled with statuary or water decor, it is certain to provide you with a sense of peace and relaxation, as well as more tangible health benefits.